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Waterproof MP3 Players: A Buyer’s Guide

MP3 players are still very much sought-after!  While digital music may have moved on in a lot of ways thanks to streaming, there are still plenty of occasions where it will be worth bringing out an MP3 player, or one which will play WAV or WMA files.  One such occasion, for example, will be when you are going swimming, or when you are likely to come into contact with a lot of water.  After all, you can’t expect to take your smartphone in the bath with you!

That’s why many people choose to buy waterproof MP3 players.  Perfect for use at the beach, in the pool or the shower, these systems are built to withstand an incredible amount of splashing and water immersion.  Therefore, it’s always worth looking into these options if you are likely to need entertainment while gliding through H2O.  

But what makes a waterproof MP3 player worth buying?  Of course, there is likely to be plenty of options which you can compare between the various models on the market.  There’s a reason why some players are more expensive than others!  In this buying guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about waterproof MP3 players, including what you should be looking for, and what you should, ideally, be paying for the privilege.

At the end of the guide, we will take you through a few commonly asked questions, too.  These will help you narrow down your search.  Whether you need a waterproof player for swimming or the odd paddle, there are plenty of features and factors you should keep in mind.  Don’t put any money behind a device until you’ve read our guide in full!

Why Buy a Waterproof MP3 Player?

Many people these days may think that buying an MP3 player at all is hardly worth it.  Many of us have access to streaming services through our smartphones, which means the need to actually download MP3s to a separate device seems a little redundant in this day and age.  However, not all smartphones are waterproof.  While some Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices are splash and water resistant up to a point, it remains to be said that the best waterproofing may actually come from specific, standalone devices.

A lot of people invest in waterproof MP3 players.  As mentioned, it is not always possible to take your smartphone with you while swimming.  Swimmers, professional or otherwise, might want a fully immersive device that they can take with them while they train.  Or, people who attend spas or who go to the beach regularly might want something they can listen to without fear of their devices shorting out.  

Crucially, technology and water do not mix.  That is, of course, unless said tech is built with waterproofing in mind.  This standard is more commonplace than ever before.  Therefore, it is well worth looking around and the options available to buy online right now.  Swimmers and beach-goers will be likely to need an MP3 system that will withstand immersion up to a significant extent.  This means that, if this sounds like you, you should be looking at more than just a splash-proof device.  You should look at players which have specific ratings and proven reviews.  You should always take care to read some verified buyer reviews, too, to help narrow down your search!

Things to Keep in Mind

Of course, you should be thinking about more than just an MP3 player that is waterproof by design.  It is likely that you are going to need a player with plenty of other functions and facilities.  Therefore, as part of our buying guide approach, we’re here to help you consider the various features which you might want to prioritise during your shopping.  Here are a few good things to look for.

Waterproof Rating

Of course, this is likely to be the first thing you’ll keep in mind.  The better the waterproof rating, such as IPX5, the more likely your player will withstand large depths of water.  This is something which is easy to measure and quantify.  All good waterproof MP3 manufacturers should let you know what you can expect from your device before you immerse.  However, again, do make sure to read what buyers say.  You might even want to watch a video review or two to get the full lowdown.  It will be worth it if it means saving you from wasting your money!

Storage Capacity

How much music do you want to take with you while you swim?  MP3 capacities are getting larger, which means that if you do have a massive collection of burned CDs and digital files you want to sample on the move, you should look for a device that has a fair drive capacity.  As MP3 files vary in size, it’s not always easy to tell how many songs you can fit on any given device.  However, an MP3 player with at least 1GB of storage should give you plenty of space for tunes you can play through again and again.

Features and Functionality

How advanced do you need your tech to be?  Most MP3 players will have basic shuffle and list functions, though you can buy some without screens.  These will give you the most ease of use on the move in water.  However, if you do want to personalise your swimming playlists, look for a player with a clear screen and with plenty of features.

This, of course, might mean that you end up paying a bit more than you would expect for simpler systems.  Make sure to compare and contrast carefully.  For many swimmers, a very basic waterproof MP3 player, with just a handful of buttons to control play, pause, stop and skip, will be enough.  A good shuffle feature, however, might be something you want to invest in to help keep things interesting as you go.


If you are swimming with a waterproof MP3 player, you should think about how you are going to take it with you.  It’s unlikely you will have pockets to hand while in the drink!  Therefore, look for a player which has accessories and clips.  Those players built for swimming will likely have some form of helpful clip or attachment which you can affix to your swimsuit as you go.

You should also think carefully about the size and weight of your device.  There are some waterproof MP3 players which are very big and chunky!  Therefore, if you are likely to want to train hard while swimming, it is obviously worth investing in a smaller, more lightweight device.  Once again, there are players specifically built for swimming, which means it shouldn’t be too tricky for you to narrow these options down.

Frequently Asked Questions

As always, it is well worth looking into what other buyers have to say when shopping around for waterproof MP3 players.  Here are just a few commonly asked queries which we have sourced for your shopping ease.

Are There Some MP3 Players Which Offer Music Streaming?

Yes – however, it is not always a given.  Therefore, do make sure to compare this when shopping around.  The vast majority of waterproof MP3 players will work on a download and storage basis, which is likely not to be much of an issue for most swimmers.  Of course, plenty of us stream music regularly these days, which means it’s not unheard of for MP3 players to get in on the game, either.

Are MP3 Players Still Popular?

Yes.  Plenty of people dislike using streaming services for various reasons.  Playing music directly from an MP3 player means you have complete control over your collection.  It also means that you don’t have to connect to the internet or pay subscription fees to avoid advertising.  Some people just prefer keeping their collections separate from their phones.  If this sounds like you, then it is well worth looking into buying a separate MP3 player!

How Much Do Waterproof MP3 Players Cost?

This can vary, as with all kinds of technology.  It’s likely you will find some MP3 players suitable for swimming which cost as little as £30 to £40.  However, for the best swimming MP3 players, you may wish to invest more money in advanced features and ease of use.  This really can vary, however, and there’s no reason why you won’t be able to find a bargain.  Consider your regular needs and usage carefully and do read what real buyers have to say on the matter.


Thinking about buying an MP3 player for swimming, or one which is waterproof enough to use in the bath or shower?  The great news is, there is plenty of choice out there.  However, you will need to carefully consider your options.  Take a look through our guide as a template, and make sure to listen to word of mouth.  Set yourself a fair budget and start collecting those digital music files – as you may find your perfect player sooner rather than later.

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