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Updated For: May 2022

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Waterproof Headphones: A Buyer’s Guide

We all know that technology and water really don’t mix.  For the longest time, if we have wanted to play music on the beach or at the pool, we have needed to be very careful!  Otherwise, it’s simply best to leave any kind of tech at home and in the dry.  But what if you want to go jogging in the rain, listening to music?  What if your idea of a relaxing time is listening to your playlists while sitting in the pool?  Don’t worry – as thankfully, technology has moved on in a big way in the past few years.

It’s now entirely possible to wear headphones that are completely waterproof.  You can generally look for this tech through its ‘IP’ rating, which will tell you how likely it is to stand up against threats of water, dust and debris.  This isn’t always easy to look for, however, which means you might have to dig down deep to find the most protective headphones.

However, we’re here to help.  Not only have we lined up some of the best waterproof headphones online, we’ve made sure to take a close look at what people generally buy.  We want to make sure you know exactly what makes a good, reliable pair of waterproof headphones – well – good and reliable!

At the end of the guide, we’ll also take a look at a few frequently asked questions.  This way, you may find answers to your queries without having to search too much online.  

Why Buy Waterproof Headphones?

The reasons for buying waterproof headphones are likely to be pretty obvious.  However, there are many people with varying needs out there who will likely benefit from them.  For example, you could be looking for a way to safely listen to your own music while relaxing on the beach, or in a swimming pool.  Or, you could be looking for a safe way to listen to music while walking, jogging or running in the rain.

Unfortunately, standard headphone technology isn’t always going to do the business as far as rain and water are concerned.  Plenty of leading headphones are at least splash-proof nowadays.  However, this is no guarantee that they will survive a deluge.  Wearing non-waterproof headphones around water of any level is likely to risk their functionality – and your safety – in the long run.  Therefore, consider your needs.

A pair of waterproof headphones are likely to work well for you across various circumstances.  While you probably won’t be able to wear many in deep water, you should at least look for a pair which can withstand heavy splashing.  It’s not always so easy to try before you buy, however, so make sure to check up on what other buyers have to say.  Read plenty of reviews and expert options, and, of course, trust expert buying guides such as these!  Simple!

Things You Need to Look For

Of course, when you buy any kind of headphone tech, there are going to be a few factors and features you need to consider.  Waterproof headphones are no different.  It’s probably tempting just to look for headphones that offer proofing without any other features or functionality.  However, this way, you could lose out on some great sound quality, and connectivity that you can actively rely on.

Let’s take a look at a few of the features and points you should compare when searching for waterproof headphones online.

IP Ratings

IP scores will tell you how likely a pair of headphones is to resist depths of water.  The higher the number, generally, the more water-resistant they are likely to be.  All good waterproof headphones will let you know in their product descriptions what you can expect in this regard.  It’s also a good idea to check depth and submersion time, too, depending on what you are looking for from your headphones.


It’s likely you will find that most waterproof headphones are wireless in this day and age; however, that doesn’t mean wired headphones are things of the past.  Plenty of people believe that wired cans work better than wireless ones.  However, when we are considering waterproof technology, you’ll probably find wireless tech easier to manage, and overall safer in rain and waterside conditions.

The way wireless waterproof headphones work can vary.  Therefore, be sure to look for systems which offer Bluetooth connectivity.  This is the leading standard and will allow you to connect to the vast majority of modern devices.  There are other types of wireless connection out there, but Bluetooth remains the most reliable, and the most affordable.


If you’re going to take waterproof headphones out and about, then it makes sense to consider durability, too.  Even if you’re just going to use them poolside or at the beach, consider buying a pair that has a sturdy construction, and which is likely to take plenty of knocks!  Make sure to read what buyers have to say on this matter.  They will be your key to finding a reliable, long-lasting pair of headphones.  In this regard, shopping with leading brands you recognise, too, will be an asset to your shopping around.

Sound Quality

This is another aspect which isn’t always easy to shop for without considering other people’s opinions.  Again, it might be worth looking at brand appeal and manufacture to get the most reliable deal.  Sound quality isn’t easy to measure on paper, but you should look for engineering standards such as wide frequency ranges, noise cancellation and EQ controls.  Not all waterproof headphones will have these features built-in, which means it may mean you have to pay a little more for the privilege.


It’s all well and good buying waterproof headphones, but are they going to be comfy to wear?  Once again, this isn’t always easy to spot when you’re buying online but look carefully at the build and design of waterproof headphones.  Is there plenty of cushioning in the headband and in the ear cups?  What is the cushioning made of?  It should also appeal to your own sense of comfort.  Some people find that their ears overheat easily while wearing leather or faux leather cups, meaning it’s worth comparing between different material.  If you are going as far as investing in waterproof headphones, then you’ll probably want to make sure they are comfortable to wear across everything you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve never bought waterproof headphones before, it’s likely you will have plenty of questions you’d like to ask.  However, what are other people online asking when it comes to the best waterproof headphones available?  We’ve lined up a few common queries, alongside some solid answers, to help you on your way.

Can You Swim in Waterproof Headphones?

Sometimes, yes!  However, you will need to look for pairs with fantastic depth or IP ratings.  You should always pay attention to this, as well as how long you can submerge them for.  Make sure to look carefully at a product’s description as well as buyer opinions.

What is the Best IPX Rating for Swimming?

As mentioned, the higher IP rating your waterproof headphones have, the more likely it is you can swim with them.  We recommend looking at waterproof headphones with at least IPX8, as these may support you as deep as ten feet below.  However, again, even this may vary.  Make sure to shop very carefully, as otherwise, you could end up seriously damaging your headphones or even hurting yourself in the long run.

Can I Use a Waterproof MP3 Player with Waterproof Headphones?

Of course!  Make sure to buy a system which is rated just as well on the IP side of things.  You may also wish to look for a player with Bluetooth connectivity, so you have as much freedom and flexibility as possible while swimming, for example.  We have a separate buying guide for waterproof MP3 players you might find useful.

How Much Do Waterproof Headphones Cost?

This can vary, as with many types of tech.  You can likely find a good pair of waterproof headphones online for around £30-£40.  However, you might even be able to go as low as £15.  There are some, in terms of top-range, which will cost more than £100.  Set your budget accordingly!

Is It Worth Paying More for Waterproof Headphones?

Sometimes, yes.  In our collective opinion, the best waterproof headphones are likely to demand more money.  That’s because you are generally paying for better sound engineering and safer hardware on the whole.  By paying less, you may risk investing in cheap tech which masquerades as something better.  Be careful – there are bargains out there, but trust your gut, named brands and what buyers have to say.


It’s well worth buying waterproof headphones if you are struggling to make the most of your current tech in damp conditions.  Heading to the beach?  Listening to music in the rain?  No worries.  Look for a good pair of waterproof headphones online and compare between them – read what others have to say, too!

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