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Radio CD Players: A Buyer’s Guide

Yes, there are still plenty of us out there who listen to CDs!  What’s more, radio has never been more popular.  Despite the fact that plenty of people choose to stream their music nowadays, it remains to be said that there is still a huge market for old school FM and AM.  If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to listen to your classic CD collection or to tune to your favourite station, it makes sense to invest in a radio CD player.  You can use one in your bedroom, your kitchen, your garden or even at work.

Not everyone is looking for the latest tech as far as audio and streaming are concerned.  Therefore, you will likely find that there are still plenty of leading radio CD players to pick from online.  The technology for these classic systems has moved on a little, but at the same time, you can still expect the same functionality you would’ve had access to in the 90s and 00s!  If you still have stacks of CDs that you love to play regularly, it makes sense to have a system handy which you can use to bring your favourite collections to life.

In this buying guide, we will take a look at everything you need to know about modern radio CD players.  What should you be looking for in terms of basic features?  Is it worth investing more money in this technology for a long-term investment?  How do you know that you’re getting a bargain?  Don’t worry.  Before you put any money behind a new audio player, make sure to read our guide and to read through our frequently asked questions.  This way, you’ll be able to shop with confidence.

Why Buy a Radio CD Player?

A radio CD player, to some people, might sound like technology that was last popular in the early 00s.  Sure – plenty of people have moved on with digital music and streaming in the past few years – but there’s still plenty of reasons why you’ll want to take advantage of a CD player.  Think about all the CDs you might have just sitting idle – surely you want to make the most out of them!

There’s also the fact that CD players and radios have come a long way since the 00s.  You can now buy systems with enhanced audio quality, wireless connectivity and more besides.  On the whole, there shouldn’t be any reason why you need to give your CD laser a wipe – modern systems should be more adaptable to your needs!

There’s something nice about being able to tune into radio.  While you can stream FM radio from smartphones and tablets, there’s nothing quite like scanning for stations on a classic system.  Why say goodbye to the old standards?  You can easily find a modern CD radio which will give you access to the old way of doing things, but with a little more modern stability.

Of course, there is always going to be more to a CD radio than just the CD and radio functions.  That’s why we’re here!  It can be all too easy to fall into buying what you think is a bargain, only for a system to fall well short of your expectations.  Therefore, read on and we’ll break down everything you need to know.

Things to Look for in a Radio CD Player

You should be looking for more than just the radio and CD functions on a reliable player.  Generally, you may expect to pay more for fancier tech.  This isn’t always something you’ll want to look for but do think about your needs.  Here are the absolute basics you need to consider, as well as a few features here and there which could well impact your experience in playing years to come.


Not all radio CD players are built for static home use.  You may find that a good CD player cum radio will be completely portable.  These are sometimes called boomboxes!  These may have handles and built-in speakers.  You’ll also find that you can power them up with batteries.  However, your needs are obviously going to dictate whether or not it’s worth buying a portable player.  If you are just going to listen to music at home, in one or two given rooms, then it’s perhaps worth looking mainly at home stereos.

CD Player Features

Of course, all CD players should have the same basic controls.  Play, pause, skip, fast forward, stop – the usual.  However, you may find that there are some CD radio players which allow you to insert multiple discs and swap them around.  These systems tend to cost more money and are bulkier, on the whole, but if this is likely to be convenient for you from day to day, it’s a function that is always worth considering.

You should also look for CD players which play MP3s.  You can easily burn discs full of hundreds of MP3s which can play directly through standalone systems.  This means that you can easily fit large music collections onto one or two discs for ease of playback.  If you don’t have access to a smart device or streaming player, this could be a lucrative option.


You will find that many modern radio CD players allow you to connect accessories via Bluetooth.  This means that you may be able to hook wireless headphones to your system for ease of listening.  To many people, this may be a huge selling point.  Therefore, be sure to compare between the systems available online.  It’s always good that a radio CD player has a headphone jack in place, but in the modern age, many listeners are on the lookout for something a little more flexible.

Clocks and Alarms

Yes – there are still plenty of radio CD players out there with clock and alarm features.  These can be real boons if you are looking to set up a bedroom alarm that plays music.  You can set a radio alarm up with ease, or you can set up a CD to play whenever you want it to in the morning.  However you choose to wake up, there are plenty of choices out there.  It’s worth looking around.

Durability and Finish

If you are looking to invest considerable money in a CD player, you’re going to want to make sure it will withstand years of use.  It’s easy to tell the quality of build and finish in regular players simply by looking online, and by reading user reviews.  Do take these with a pinch of salt, but you’ll need to rely on them when it comes to making an informed decision through stores such as Amazon.

You should also consider looking at IP ratings, which will tell you how resistant a player will be when it comes to dust and water.

Radio Functions

It’s common that you will find most radios to offer at least FM stations.  But what about AM or MW?  There are still some stations which operate on the older brands.  You should also think about looking for systems which offer digital radio or DAB functionality.  Older radio standards will still work well, but for the crispest, clearest sound, and for the quickest scanning, you should be looking into digital standards.  The days of fiddling around with aerials are, thankfully, mainly behind us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Radio CD players come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s no surprise that plenty of buyers have plenty of questions.  Here are some of the more common queries you will find online right now – hopefully, these answers will help you on your way!

What Makes a Good CD Player?

While CD players may not be as common as Bluetooth speakers or modern, streaming hi-fi tech, you should still be looking for a certain quality to your CD functionality.  Look for a player that benefits from great sound engineering – look for large frequency responses and consider buying a player that is solidly built.  Once again, verified buyers are always going to be able to help you in this regard.  Take your time!

Are CD Players Still Being Made?

Yes!  As long as CDs are still being sold, you’ll still find CD players on the market.  You’ll find that plenty of big brands offer CD playing tech alongside streaming and otherwise.  Don’t worry – there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for your CD collection just yet.

How Much Do Radio CD Players Cost?

That depends on the type of system you are looking for, and the functionality you want to invest in.  You will find good players available for as little as £20 to £30.  However, be prepares to invest £100 or more for the very best tech!


Radio CD players are as popular now as they ever have been.  If you still enjoy tuning into radio stations and playing old CDs, take heart in the fact that there are so many options still available to you.  Take a look at our guide as a starting point and shop around!

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