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Party Speakers: A Buyer’s Guide

What’s a great party without great music?  Whether it’s a big gathering or an intimate affair, you’re likely going to need some great speakers to play your playlists and soundtracks to the masses.  You might be working as a DJ, or you might just be looking for a pair of speakers that you can roll out whenever you have a big gathering.  Ultimately, party speakers should give you plenty of power, stacks of bass, and enough clarity for everyone to really get into what’s being played.  It’s all well and good using everyday speakers to play your party songs, but when you’re setting up a big occasion, it sometimes makes all the difference to invest in some specialist tech.  And why not?

If you’re setting up a party room or getting your DJ tech set up for the first time, it’s time you went shopping for a decent party speaker or two.  But what should you really be looking for?  You should be on the hunt for speakers that do more than just play your soundtracks loud.

In this buying guide, we will break down absolutely everything you need to know about party speakers on the market right now.  At the end of the guide, we will also run through a few commonly asked queries to help you find the answers you need.

Why Buy Party Speakers?

It’s safe to say that all speakers are built to play music loud.  But why should you invest in party speakers rather than run-of-the-mill tech that you can use in the kitchen or bedroom?  The fact is, party speakers are built to play to huge spaces – and huge crowds.

A party speaker is going to be one which you can use in all locations and all weathers.  You’re going to need a portable, powerful system that’s ready to withstand anything mother nature throws at it.  Also, you’ll need a speaker that is going to adapt to different environments.  You could hold parties in various spaces – outdoors, indoors, even in intimate settings.  Therefore, flexibility and adaptability are absolute musts.  There’s no guarantee you’re ever going to get that from standard speakers elsewhere on the market.

Party speakers are also some of the most versatile on the market.  Manufacturers understand that modern party-goers are going to need speakers that are portable and adaptable to various devices.  Gone are the days when you’d need to hook up a big, bulky speaker or woofer to a physical device.  Well – you can still do that, but ultimately, it’s going to be a bit more hassle if you’re hosting a party on the go.

Therefore, a party speaker is going to be portable, adaptable, and proofed against the elements.  It’s all about bringing in technology that is as flexible as you are.  Without flexible speaker tech, you could be left with clumsy, cumbersome systems that really choke the party atmosphere.  Who wants that?  Nobody, that’s who.

Features of Party Speakers to Look For

Of course, not all party speakers are the same.  They all do the same job, of course, but there are more than a few things which separate the more expensive systems from the budget models on the market.  If you’re new to shopping for party speakers, it’s worthwhile you looking into the following while you shop around.

Portability and Size

Of course, the ability to carry a party speaker around is a crucial one.  This is especially the case if you’re setting up a pool party or want to play your music loud in an outdoor space.  Bluetooth and NFC connectivity will let you sync your devices directly to a speaker.  This means you can effectively move your speakers around wherever you like.  Bluetooth tech also means that you can manage your streaming playlists from anywhere within close range.  It might also mean other partygoers can hijack the signal, however, so be sure to lay down some serious ground rules!


If you’re going to be carrying your speakers around outside a lot, you’re going to need a system that’s seriously durable.  Look for systems which have robust shells.  Read up on what verified buyers have to say, too.  This should give you a good idea of what to expect from your speaker for a long time to come.  Do also check out waterproof and dustproof features, as this means you can safely play your music anywhere you like, particularly on the beach.

Speaker Types

Not all speakers are going to be ideal for outdoor use, or even for indoor use.  Therefore, you will normally find some that are split into either category.  For max portability and versatility, you should be careful to check out a model that works well in all environments.  This might mean you have to pay a little more money, but it may be well worth the investment.  Outdoor speakers will also be chargeable or require batteries, so make sure to check out their lifespan.  You really don’t want to buy a speaker that’s going to short out two hours into a party!

Power and Frequency

A good way to measure for sound quality and reach is to look at power.  This will normally be measured in watts (W).  Therefore, the higher the number – as you’d expect – the more powerful a speaker will be.  It doesn’t always follow that more powerful speakers produce better quality sound, but when you’re playing music to large crowds, it makes sense to hunt down options which offer stacks of force.

You should also look at frequency response.  Frequency response is another great measure of sound quality and how it will carry across large spaces.  Again, the wider the response, up to kHz, the higher the quality of playback will be.

Added Features

You may find that plenty of party speakers have added accessories or features to help make your event go off with a bang.  Planning a karaoke party?  Then you’ll need to invest in a portable system with microphones supplied.  You may even find party speakers that have coloured lights attached.  This is an absolute must for kids’ parties, for example.  Many party speakers will help you to create a whole event right out of the box.  It’s these speakers that you are going to need to look for – these technology you need to juggle on the night, the better!

Look and Style

You should also think about how a party speaker actually looks.  Many party speakers will blend in well into the background.  However, if you’re wanting to add lighting and colour to proceedings, you should look for a system that’s going to stand out a bit.  Thankfully, there are plenty of different options as far as looks and aesthetics are concerned, so by all means take your pick of the wider spectrum!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve never invested in a party speaker before, it’s time to see what other people are asking.  Here’s a breakdown of the most popular queries floating around the web right now.

How Much Power Does My Party Speaker Need?

That varies on where you’re going to play music.  It’s safe to say that home speakers are fairly low on the power front, with some only offering around 10W in power.  However, big events use speakers with wattage going up into the thousands.  Unfortunately, there’s no right or wrong answer to this question!  Wattage isn’t the be all and end all, either.  It makes sense to just shop around and find a system that plays to your needs.

How Much Do Party Speakers Cost?

Once again, this really is going to vary.  As there are so many different designs and types of speaker out there, you should set yourself a fair budget aside.  You will probably need to invest around £150 at least for a good portable speaker.  However, some systems stretch into thousands of pounds.  Think about your needs – how much are you going to use a party speaker?  Is it for personal or professional use?  See what other buyers have to say, too.

What are the Benefits of a Party Speaker with Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is widely seen as the wireless standard in the modern age.  Rather than having to fiddle around with physical cables and connections, you can now simply stream your music and audio to Bluetooth speakers.  The best part is, most modern devices have Bluetooth tech built-in as standard.  Therefore, investing in a Bluetooth-ready party speaker is going to make sure you futureproof your needs for years to come.  Bluetooth isn’t going anywhere any time soon!

Why Else Do People Buy Party Speakers?

Party speakers are portable, durable and are fantastic for pushing stacks of sound out to the masses.  They are brilliant for ensuring that everyone gets to hear your soundtrack, and most of them are very easy to move around.


A party speaker will allow you to play your playlists louder than ever.  What’s more, it will let you take your music from place to place with ease.  Take a look at what’s online, see what buyers have to say, and consider our tips!  It’s as simple as that.

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