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Jobsite Radios – A Buyer’s Guide

Who doesn’t like listening to their favourite tunes while they’re busy working? Ok – not everyone. However, it stands to reason that plenty of people, especially those working menial, physical jobs, will benefit from having a radio to hand to help keep things interesting.

Playing music is a great way to help keep your mind sharp and active while working on repetitive tasks.

What’s more, you are never likely to get distracted in the same way you would be if you were watching TV. Therefore, plenty of construction sites and building firms invest in jobsite radios for use while working.

However, it’s not always obvious what you should be looking for from a jobsite radio. Many people may assume that a run of the mill stereo system will do enough depending on where you work! However, there are plenty of great reasons to invest in solid, reliable jobsite radio tech.

After all, you are going to need a radio which can withstand your working environment, as well as a system which is flexible to your entertainment needs and demands.

This buying guide will help you find the perfect jobsite radio for you and your crew to use throughout years of regular projects. Whether you fancy tuning into classic hits or the latest chart music, you’re going to need a robust and dependable system with fantastic sound quality offered as standard.

At the end of this guide, we will also look at some commonly asked questions, and consider what else you need to know before buying a jobsite radio system of your own.

What is a Jobsite Radio?

It’s probably pretty easy to think that a simple radio will be enough for most jobsites. That may be true in some cases, however, jobsite radios are built for a specific task, and that’s to deliver fantastic audio quality and durable entertainment on sites where things likely radios are likely to get knocked around.

What’s more, construction and building sites, for example, are very noisy places. Therefore, you’re going to need more than a simple wind-up radio to play clearly above the machinery and workplace banter.

A good jobsite radio will withstand shocks, pressure, drops, knocks and spills. It will also be resistant against plenty of debris and dust, meaning that you should be able to confidently work alongside it without having to worry about clogging up inner parts and faculties.

Above all, jobsite radios are designed with portability in mind. They are fantastic for carrying around sites and construction zones and can even come in very handy when you are off on long trips and holidays.

That’s because they are perfect for handling and transporting from place to place. These aren’t delicate DAB radios – they are hardy, robust, and built to withstand everything you throw at it. However, it’s probably best you don’t try to throw anything at it on purpose!

Do also bear in mind that jobsite radios can really vary in terms of features and functionality. You may find the ideal system you’ve been looking for fairly easily, but don’t be too hasty to leap into a deal just because you like the look of a radio on the outside.

Things to Look For

As always, with any kind of technology, there are going to be a few things you need to compare. Jobsite radios serve a very clear purpose, but that doesn’t mean every model is going to be exactly the same.

In fact, there are plenty of reasons why you can expect to pay more for some radios and less for others. Let’s take a quick look at some of the variables which could change your choice on the way to checking out.


All jobsite radios should be very robust and ready to take a real knock. That’s what they are perfect for – rough and tumble, or at least getting knocked about in high-volume areas. However, some radios are more robust than others. Make sure to carefully check the build of a radio you’d like to buy.

Do also make sure to check the manufacturer and read what verified buyers have to say. Just because a system looks robust, doesn’t always mean that it is. Don’t judge a book by its cover!


Again, one of the main things to consider when buying a jobsite radio is to look at portability. Most radios should be very easy to move around at your own leisure and pace.

However, you shouldn’t just consider whether or not a radio has a handle. Take a look at weight and bulk, too. Some jobsite radios can be a little too cumbersome for their own good. Choose a model that’s sturdy, but which isn’t going to be a behemoth to lug around with you.


This falls in line with portability, however, it is worth mentioning in its own section. Some jobsite radios, naturally, will plug into a mains outlet. Others, however, will be completely portable. That means that they can work off a built-in battery.

These are easy to charge and then move around as necessary. However, with that in mind, do make sure to check out battery life. If a jobsite radio is unlikely to last a whole shift, is it really going to be worthy of investment? Who’s to say?

Compare and contrast battery options between brands and models. Don’t be afraid to pay a little more for a system that’s going to weather a few more hours off a single charge.


This can fall under durability, however, not all systems are completely ‘proof’. By this, we mean that not all radios are waterproof, and not all are dustproof. Therefore, you should look carefully for systems which can resist a specific level of water immersion and a specific amount of dust dispersal.

This should be fairly easy for you to spot, either in product marketing or based on what people have to say in buyer reviews.

Quality in Sound

Yes – you’re going to need a radio which can do more than just play the hits to a receptive audience. If you’re working on a busy jobsite, you should find yourself a radio which can play music and audio above loud noises and soundscapes.

You should therefore be checking decibel information, as well as reading what verified buyers have to say.

Added Functionality

Most modern jobsite radios do more than just offer a few knobs and dials for you to manage your stations with. Some will let you plug in external equipment, and others may even come with LCDs.

These versions may cost a little more, however, many people see them as worthwhile investments. Make sure to look carefully at whether or not fancier tech is worth your money, especially if you are just looking for a reliable radio to do the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a jobsite radio, but are unsure quite where to start? Don’t worry. There are plenty of people asking plenty of questions! Here are just a few common queries which may apply if you’re shopping around for a jobsite system for the first time.

Can I Connect My Phone to a Jobsite Radio?

Yes – with some radios! Some jobsite radios have Bluetooth connectivity built-in, which means you should be able to pair smartphones and other devices as and when you need to. This can be very handy if you’re working and don’t want to fiddle with dials and buttons on the radio itself.

It’s also a huge plus point if you’re taking a radio camping, and people want to be able to control the music that is playing.

Is a Jobsite Radio Always Necessary?

That all depends on where you work. If you would like to play tunes or chat radio while working on a busy site, for example, you’re going to need a portable system which will boom over machinery and everyday hustle and bustle.

You’ll also need a system which can survive shocks and knocks, and maybe even splashes and dust or debris dispersal. If you work in construction, for example, and you are serious about music, make sure to pick up a durable radio which will weather years of use.

How Much Do Jobsite Radios Cost?

As with much technology, the more you pay, generally, the better technology you’ll receive, or at least the best features.

Other than that, prices can really vary. You can invest as little as £40-£50 and still get access to the best manufacture, however, you will likely need to pay over £100, maybe £200 or more, for the best quality builds and the most versatility. It’s likely to be a solid investment for you and your team, so set yourself a fair budget!


You may not have thought about a jobsite radio before, however, they can really help to transform your work entertainment experience. Do you work in manual labour and need some solid radio tech to help keep your mind ticking over? Get ready to compare the best jobsite radios online.