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Just Updated: August 2022

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iPhone Alarm Clock Docks: A Buyer’s Guide

It might be tempting the think that iPod docks are relics of the past!  It’s true that Apple has certainly moved on from the basic iPod tech of a few years ago, but the iPhone holds strong.  In fact, it remains one of the biggest-selling smartphones on the planet.  For that reason, it makes perfect sense that there are plenty of accessories, gadgets and gizmos which will fit with them along the way.

Plenty of us use our phones as alarm clocks.  However, there’s only so many of Apple’s default tunes and jingles that we’re likely to be able to suffer through!  What if you could wake up to music every morning, without the need for fiddling around with Bluetooth?  That’s where alarm clock docks come in handy, and they’ve been around since iPods were still in vogue.

Thankfully, they’ve never gone away.  iPhone connectivity has changed massively over the years.  Therefore, you will likely need to find an iPhone alarm clock dock which has lightning connections.  This should apply to any iPhone post generation 5, which most Apple fans will be using at least!

In this buying guide, we will take a look at iPhone alarm clock docks and will consider what you need to know before making a big purchase.  At the end of the guide, we will also run through a few frequently asked questions that shoppers pose while searching around for the best docks on the web.

Why Buy an iPhone Alarm Clock Dock?

The iPhone is an impressive piece of kit, but many people soon tire of the same old tones and jingles.  Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that users switch out the tunes and chimes for their own music.  With an alarm clock dock, you can set your iPhone to wake you up with music from your own physical collection, as well as through streaming if you wish.  Therefore, you can really personalise your wakeup routine.

Some people also find having to handle phone alarms a little tricky.  There’s every chance you could fumble around for your phone, half-awake, and could end up knocking it off or accidentally cause some major damage.  Therefore, it makes sense to try and enclose everything into one simple piece of tech!

An iPhone alarm clock dock will also do more than play music through its speakers.  It will charge your phone, too.  As anyone who owns an iPhone will tell you, battery life can be a killer.  Most people who use their Apple tech a lot may find that they need to keep charging their devices up overnight just to get some juice!

An alarm clock dock will do this for you without the need for cables and wires.  We all know how much of a hassle dealing with different cords and cables can be.  Therefore, by docking your iPhone, you actually remove a lot of the potential tangling and hassle along the way.  It’s all about making your life that little bit easier.

Many people will also find that a dock is a great way to connect your phone to a simple pair of speakers.  Not everyone will be looking for surround sound or big woofers.  Therefore, if all you are looking for is a simple, in-house speaker unit, then an alarm clock is going to be a great purchase.

Generally, however, you need to ask yourself – do I need an alarm clock dock?  If you want to simplify your charging overnight, and you’re sick of having to muddle around with your phone alarms, then it may be worth making the investment.  However, there are still a few things you might want to compare between.

Things to Look For

As you might expect, not all docking stations do the same thing.  Yes, they charge and play music from your phone, but there are plenty of other variables, too.  That’s why we’re here – to help you navigate through the various bits and pieces which separate the tech on the market.  Don’t go buying any iPhone alarm clock docks until you’ve been through our whole guide!

Without further ado, here are the basics you are ideally going to need to look for in the ideal dock and clock for your bedroom.

Clock Display

Of course, all alarm clocks are going to need a display of sorts!  Therefore, you can always expect there to be some form of digital display on the front of a docking station.  While you can download alarm and clock display apps for your phone, it is likely going to be a lot less hassle to try and set things up with a physical dock!  Look for a clock with a big enough display to appeal to you.  Some will display time through fabric, others will have glossy displays.  You should also be able to purchase clocks which offer 12 and 24-hour functionality as per your own tastes.


As mentioned, connections on the iPhone and related tech have really changed up over the years.  That’s as a result of changing demands in the marketplace.  However, the best default connection you should be looking for is a lightning port.  This should let you safely plug your iPhone in without it wobbling around or causing much issue.  

Of course, there are iPhones available now which can charge wirelessly, too!  This means that you can also find docking clocks which offer wireless charge and connectivity.  There are those which also work with Bluetooth.  Many people who buy docks may not need to worry about wireless tech too much as they may be looking for physical connectivity.  However, it is something you might want to consider.

FM Radio Features

Remember being able to wake up to FM radio on a morning?  With specific alarm clock docks, you still can.  Again, some apps will let you tune into your favourite stations easily enough.  But is that really ever going to feel the same?  Maybe not.  There are plenty of alarm clock docks out there which let you play FM radio outright, as well as to set up radio play as your alarm.  This might seem like defeating the purposes of having a dock to some people, but to many others, the dual functionality is likely to be very appealing.

Lighting and Display Features

We’ve mentioned display already, however, it’s worth thinking about how an alarm dock lights up.  Some will have night light features, and some will let you cycle through colour displays.  Your needs and tastes are obviously going to vary as far as this is concerned, however, it’s another point of contention worth keeping your eyes peeled for.

Look and Style

To many people, the look and style of an iPhone alarm clock dock is likely to be one of the first things they think about.  And why not?  Modern tech should look good as well as perform as you expect it to.  Therefore, when shopping around, you will likely find that there are plenty of different styles.  Many are built in sleek black cubes and cuboids, while others offer a little gentler aesthetic.  The classic digital alarm clock look is the ‘solid black’ approach, however, there’s nothing to say you can’t mix things up.

Audio Quality

This is something that not many people will think about looking for but keep it in mind.  You may be surprised at how good the quality of music played through your alarm clock can sound!  You should look carefully at the specs and features of a product.  Read what other people have to say, too!

Frequently Asked Questions

As always, it’s time to look at a few frequently posed queries.  What do people have to ask about alarm clock docks?

Do People Still Use Alarm Clock Docks?

Yes!  Many people make sure to dock their iPhones so that they don’t have to fumble around with wires and cables in the early hours of a morning.  Phone docking also helps to keep things nice and neat, too.  What’s more, plenty of people enjoy waking up to radio in the morning.

How Much Do iPhone Alarm Clock Docks Cost?

It’s worth keeping in mind that the more you pay, generally, the better the tech you’ll receive.  You can likely expect to pay £40-£50 for most entry level systems but do be willing to pay more if you want to make a serious investment.

Can I Connect Wirelessly to an Alarm Clock Dock?

In some cases, yes!  However, this will often depend on whether or not your iPhone can charge wirelessly.  This is a feature that many later models have.  Therefore, you will often be able to find docks which facilitate this option!


iPhone alarm clock docks are still as popular now as they were a few years ago!  Thanks to evolving tech in the smartphones, tech is evolving in docking systems, too.  Therefore, it is certainly worth taking a good look around online to compare and contrast between leading models.  Read what verified buyers have to say, too, for the best results!

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