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Electric Drum Kits: A Buyer’s Guide

Are you just getting started playing the drums? Maybe you like the idea of using an electronic system rather than a traditional drum kit. Either way, there are plenty of great reasons to consider investing in an electronic drum kit. They have grown in popularity over the past few years for various reasons.

Not only are they seen as great for beginner drummers, but they also have plenty of portable benefits, too. Many people claim that electronic drum kits are more flexible than your general systems.

In this buying guide, we will look at everything you need to know about electronic drum kits, and why they might benefit you. If you are in the process of learning the drums, or if you simply want to buy an affordable kit, we strongly suggest you start here. We’ll consider prices, styles of kit and more – and at the end of the guide, as always, we’ll run through a few frequently asked questions to help you on your way.

So – without further ado – grab those sticks and get ready to hammer out a beat.

Why Buy an Electronic Drum Kit?

There are plenty of reasons why electronic drum kits appeal to beginner drummers and enthusiasts everywhere. For one thing, you don’t just get one sound out of electronic drums. Some kits come with hundreds of different voices built-in, which means you can really vary your playing experience.

What’s more, some people claim that electronic kits are easier to get used to. Traditional drum kits can be heavy and cumbersome, and what’s more, they can take a lot of rhythm and style to get to grips with. Electronic drums are, on the whole, easier to approach. Many people invest in these kits when they are taking regular lessons. They may also buy them if they want to easily move kits around from place to place.

There is also an argument that electronic drum kits can be cheaper than traditional models. This will vary from kit to kit. Some of the more expensive electronic kits arrive packed with features and durability. However, a full drum kit is seen as something of a heftier investment. For one thing, they can require a lot of space!

Then, there’s noise. One of the biggest reasons why parents stray from buying their kids full drum kits is, of course, that they create a fair amount of noise! Electronic drum kits are easier to manage in this regard. Some people claim that electronic kits are modernising drumming for the better. Of course, sometimes, nothing can beat a real kit. However, the benefits of going electronic really can’t be understated.

Is an electronic drum kit right for you? Read on for the full lowdown and see what you think.

Things to Consider

Before you go ahead and buy an electronic drum kit, there are a few things you’re going to need to bear in mind. Not all kits do the same thing, even if the principle is the same!

Drum Pads

Yes – the types of pad fitted to electronic kits can vary. The type you choose can have a real impact on how things sound, as well as how practical your experience becomes. Generally, you can choose between rubber or mesh pads. More affordable kits will likely have rubber pads built-in, though this is no bad thing.

Rubber pads are very space-conscious and help to bring a consistent sound to your practice and performance. What’s more, they are also very pleasing to hit and rebound off!

Mesh pads, however, may be preferable depending on your experience, as well as your budget. Mesh is a little more complex in that you can play them to create unique sounds. This is partly thanks to their incredible responsiveness and sensitivity. You can also tweak and tune them as you wish. Many people prefer mesh pads and heads for a more ‘authentic’ feel and sound.


Modern electronic drum kits will let you plug devices directly into them. This means you can play along with your favourite songs, as well as online tutorials. This is great if you want to put in some serious practice.

You could connect your phone or tablet, for example, and play along with YouTube videos. Not all kits have aux inputs, however, so be prepared to compare these features between models.

Software Linking

If you’re willing to pay a little more for the privilege, many modern electronic drum kits let you connect directly to software. This means that you can record and even download samples to drum alongside. It also means that, if you’re a bit of a music producer, you can record directly to your PC or Mac. Again, this isn’t always going to be a given, so get ready to compare.

Number of Pads

This might sound like a basic point to consider, but there are some electronic drum kits which are a little more basic than most. For the full drumming experience, you should really be looking for kits that have at least eight spots for you to hit.

That includes at least three different cymbals, which you may already know about if you’re learning or are already a drumming maestro! Do also make sure to look for controllers and pedals, too, so you can control and tweak your sound while you play.

Number of Sounds

As mentioned, some electronic drum kits have hundreds of sounds and voices built in. This might not appeal to everyone, but if you’re the sort of musician who enjoys working with many different voices and soundscapes, you should really look for a kit that offers some diversity.

Some models only have a few voices, but this isn’t always a bad thing. In some cases, it can mean that you get better quality sounds due to the smaller amount.


Some electronic drum kits are easy to stack up and store. Others, like traditional kits, can be difficult to house unless you have room.

Thankfully, with the modern standard moving towards compact musicians, it’s likely you can pick up a good kit that won’t take up too much space and won’t be too hefty to carry around. This is great news for anyone working in tighter spaces, and also for gigging musicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s time to take a look at a few of the more commonly asked queries people have about electronic drum kits. We’ve answered a few for you to help you on your shopping journey!

Are Electronic Drums Quiet?

Compared to traditional drum kits, electronic systems can be a lot quieter. However, the overall noise level will really vary from kit to kit. Try looking for systems that have noise control built-in, or which have quieter pads. Otherwise, make sure to read up on what verified buyers have to say.

Can You Use Electronic Drum Kits with Headphones?

There are many electronic kits which you can plug headphones directly into. However, you will still generate some physical noise, as kits are not silent by design. Look for kits with headphone input if you really want to keep your practice private. Many people do!

How Much Do Electronic Drum Kits Cost?

The price of an electronic kit can really vary. Good models should start at around £200, though you can buy starter systems for much less. Pay more than £300 to £400 and you’ll get a more durable system. You may also get better quality sound, and plenty of options for you to record and mix your beats via software.

Are Electronic Drum Kits Better Than Real Drums?

Acoustic drums still have a firm place in many people’s hearts. There are few musical instruments out there which haven’t received the electronic treatment! However, while electronic drums are very popular, there is nothing quite like the sound of an acoustic kit. The choice is yours, of course – and it may depend on your favourite sounds as well as what is most practical to you in the long run.

How Much Space Do I Need for an Electronic Drum Kit?

As electronic drum kits are much lighter and much more flexible than acoustic kits, you’ll probably need less than you imagine. However, it is always a good idea to check kit descriptions before you buy, and where possible, to see a kit in the flesh.

You’ll then get a good idea of how big a kit could be in your home or practice space. Generally, however, space required will vary from kit to kit. It’s another reason why it pays to shop around.


Electronic drum kits are very popular with people who are learning how to drum. However, many expert drummers enjoy these kits for their flexibility, their versatility and their ease of use.

There are plenty of great reasons to still use acoustic drums, however, electronic drum kits are very affordable and present a more convenient alternative. Take your pick of what’s available online and try before you buy if you can!

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