EDIFIER TWS1 Pro Review & Best Price

After being impressed with the Edifier TWS1, we were keen to get our hands on the TWS1 Pro, which boast several upgrades to spec and features. We reviewed them in March 2021.


Type: True Wireless In-Ear

Passive Noice Cancellation: Yes

Active Noise Cancellation: No

Microphone: Yes

Frequency Range: 20 Hz – 20 kHzPlay Time: Up to 12 hours

Charging Time: 40 minutes

Charging Interface: USB-C (cable supplied)

Water Resistance: Yes

Controls: Touch response on outside of buds

First Impressions

The earbuds come in a box with a premium feel and clean design. Included in the box are the manual, USB-C charging cable and 3 pairs of different sized silicone ear tips.

The matte finish is a welcome aesthetic which separates it from the abundance of glossy plastic alternatives (including the earlier Edifier TWS1).

Charging Case

The charging case continues the premium feel with its sleek, compact and lightweight design – not always the case with earbuds below the £50 price point.

The USB-C charging port is a welcome upgrade from the micro USB present on the TWS1.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is fairly well-balanced out of the box, with clear mids and good detail at higher frequencies across a range of different musical styles.

The bass can be felt in the mix, but for those that like a bit more punch on the low end, this will need to be adjusted via an EQ. I’ve found tuning via the Dolby Atmos feature on my phone delivers an immersive experience and the buds respond well to a boosted lower-end with no distortion right up to high volumes.

The sound stage is not as impressive as some of the higher-end wireless earbuds, but is perfectly acceptable in this price range.

Playback Time

During testing, the playback time – even at mid-to-higher volumes – has come very close to the 12 hours claimed, which is a real step-up for true wireless earbuds at any price point.

The buds will fully charge in the case in around 40 minutes which is very handy and means from empty you can get up to 3 hours more playtime after popping them back in the case for less than 10 minutes.

Noise Cancellation

Although no active noise cancellation is present, the passive noise cancellation I have found is acceptable, especially for those that like to be able to hear some background noise when out and about, but not enough to affect the listening experience at higher volumes.


This is an important but often over-looked consideration when buying wireless earbuds. Having 12 hours playback time is not so great if they are uncomfortable, something I have found with high-end models such as the Senheisser range.

The smooth curves on the soft brushed plastic on the inside of the earbuds make for a very pleasant wearing experience and I can have them in for hours without noticing any discomfort.

Bluetooth Connection

Although not fully tested in places such as busy train stations – where interference can often cause dropouts – the wireless connection has remained very solid in domestic and retail environments.

The range provided by the upgraded Bluetooth 5.2 with Qualcomm QCC3040 chipset has also proved impressive, with the signal stretching through several internal walls across two floors.


Although they initially may result in a few accidental presses for those used to physical buttons – especially when adjusting the fit inside the ear – the highly-sensitive touch controls are quite intuitive to use, with options to increase/decrease volume, accept/reject calls, skip /repeat tracks and play/pause.

Microphone Call Quality

The TWS1 Pro uses CvC 8.0 noise cancelling which means calls are considerably clearer than on the TWS1 and better than many of their rivals.

Even in nosier environments, such as busy supermarkets, call quality is clear and acceptable from both sides of the conservation.

Final Thoughts

On balance, these are the best all-round true wireless earbuds we have tested at under £50, and even have some features – such as the exceptional 12 hour battery life and the comfortable fit – that you can’t get when spending hundreds more.

Edifier TWS1 Pro – Best Price

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We will update this page when more deals are available elsewhere.