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Drum Stools and Drum Thrones: A Buyer’s Guide

Drumming is an art – not everyone can master it!  It’s also an art which takes a lot of prolonged sitting.  That might sound ideal to some people, but sit on the wrong stool, and you might end up feeling fatigued, or even in a lot of pain in the long run.  Therefore, it makes sense that you should look for the perfect drum stool for your needs.  Many people call drum stools drum thrones – and for the rest of this guide, we’re going to interchange the two – so don’t bet too confused!

Drum thrones are pretty regal.  It’s safe to say that a drummer is an essential facet for most four-piece bands – where would The Beatles be without Ringo Starr?  That’s a question that elicits many answers, but if you’re a budding drummer and want to follow in Ringo’s footsteps, you’re going to need a sturdy, comfortable chair you can easily survey your whole kit from.  But what should you be looking for in the best drum stools and thrones online?

In this buying guide, we will – of course – break down everything you need to know.  The fact is, drummers need more than a simple stool or comfy chair to drum from.  Take a look through our guide and we will fill you in on the essentials you need to shop around for.  What’s more, we will even take a look at a few commonly asked questions at the end of the guide – so that we can break things down even more for you.

Why Buy a Drum Throne?

Buying a specific drum throne for playing your kit makes perfect sense.  Drumming is one of the most active instrumental pursuits around.  Yes – you’re sat down – but you’re going to need to keep your arms and eyes moving at all times.  You’re also going to need to keep rhythm, too – it’s never as easy as it looks!  Therefore, how do you think the best drummers – Roger Taylor, Keith Moon, Charlie Watts – coped with back pain and straining while drumming out their classic beats?

The fact is, they’re known for using drum thrones which are built to offer maximum ergonomic comfort while flailing around on their kits.  Gigs and performances can be long affairs,. Especially if the crowd loves you and wants you to come back on for encore after encore.  Therefore, you’re going to need a seat that’s simple enough to move around on, yet comfortable enough to withstand hours of constant sitting.  It’s rare you’ll ever see a drummer stand up – unless you’re Phil Collins and you’re filling multiple roles!

Therefore, as a drummer, if you value your physical health and strength, you need to look at buying a brilliant drum stool or throne that’s going to weather years of performances ahead.

Things to Look For

Surely – you proclaim – all drum stools do the same thing?  Why can’t you just use a standard stool to play the drums with?  There’s logic in this approach, but you’re going to be in a lot of pain in the long run.  Drum thrones are designed specifically for long performances.  They lower fatigue and are hardly demanding.  However, there are even things that separate some of the most popular models on the market!  What are leading drummers looking for in their favourite stools and thrones?  Why should you be making such investments?  Here are the basics and essentials you should be looking for.

Back Support

One of the main reasons why drummers buy thrones is for the ergonomic design.  Yes – by design, you wouldn’t assume that a stool would support your back that much.  However, you’d be surprised at just how much help and support a drum stool can give you.  The fact is, the ergonomics are pretty well-hidden.  It’s all in the balance!  Look for a drum throne that has fantastic reviews for back support, or those which boast specific ergonomics.  

Gravity and Stability

As you’re thrashing around on the drums, you’re going to need your throne to take on a fair amount stability.  You should look for a sturdy stool, one which will easily take your weight – and one which has a low centre of gravity.  This will allow you to retain some composure – if not a fair amount while you’re actively drumming.  It should be fairly easy for you to look for these elements online, however, buyer reviews are going to be a big help in this area.

You should also look for stools and thrones which have rubber feet and legs as standard.  This means extra stability for you, and it also means that you can set your stool up in various places without making any marks or scratches.

Look and Design

Most of the time, you’ll find that drum thrones come in pure black.  That’s not a coincidence!  Black is, of course, a common colour you’ll find amongst rock musicians – but ultimately, it’s a neutral colour and look that doesn’t distract.  The last thing you’re going to want is your audience staring at your stool all night instead of really getting into the atmosphere.  Sure – Roger Taylor played with a kit that had his face on the front – but that’s the drummer from Queen – I think we can allow it!

Of course, you should look for a design and look that fits your kit and your attire.  A cheap, tacky chair isn’t going to fit with a sophisticated kit, and vice versa.  Choose an aesthetic and stick to it – if you can!  Unless your shtick is going a bit left-of-field, which is absolutely fine!


Swivel chairs and stools are fun to use, but drum thrones which have swivel tops might actually help you to manoeuvre on stage.  Some experts suggest that you can hone the way you play with a stool than moves easily with you.  However, you don’t want a throne that’s going to swivel too loose.  Therefore, you should look for a drum throne that you can easily tighten and loosen as per your comfort and standards.

This isn’t something that’s always easy to shop for online, though you can normally tell if a stool has adjustable settings from the marketing alone.  Otherwise, again, buyer reviews are going to be very useful in this regard.

Seat Size

Generally, the larger the seat area, the more comfortable it’s going to be.  This isn’t always going to follow, as your own tastes and levels of comfort might differ.  However, generally, the cheaper the stool, the smaller the seat.  If you’re going to perch there for a two-hour set plus a double encore, you’re going to need more than a stool you hang over the top of.


Yes – drum stools can make noise.  Specifically, they can squeak and rattle.  However, this isn’t always the case.  Generally, those which are easy to tighten and maintain can be kept pretty quiet.  However, again, the cheaper you go, the more likely it is you’ll find something noisy and irritating.  Be willing to put a fair bit of money into a drum throne and you’ll get a seat that’s comfy and quiet.

Frequently Asked Questions

It might not seem likely that people have plenty of questions to ask about stools.  But they do!  Here are some of the more common queries people ask while shopping for drum thrones online.

Is It Better to Buy a Drum Throne Online or in Person?

There’s a split on this.  Some people will argue that it’s easy and convenient to buy some fantastic stools online.  However, others will recommend that you take the time to try a stool or throne for yourself.  That’s all well and good if you have a music store close by!  If you don’t, it’s worth looking at what experts have to say, and, yet again, to read up on user reviews.

How Much Should I Pay for a Drum Throne?

As discussed briefly, a drum throne is something you should probably pay more for if you can.  Cheap stools are just that – cheap.  They are notoriously uncomfortable at times.  Cheaply-made stools are also likely to squeak and be very hard to work with.  Generally, look at paying £70 or more for a good throne.  You can pay less and get a bargain, but you should look at reviews and expert opinions if this is going to be the case.

Do I Really Need a Drum Throne?

If you’re going to be drumming on the road a lot, then yes.  Think how long performances last!  You’re going to be sat down for very long periods of time.  Therefore, for the sake of your health, it’s worth investing in a stool that’s going to support you from gig to gig.


Drum thrones are fantastic at helping the most energetic of drummers from getting tired and sore.  It’s not always easy to shop for these stools, but ultimately, you should trust the opinions of seasoned drummers – and if you can, make sure to try out some stools in physical shops to find the best fit.

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