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Update: August 2022

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Bluetooth Sunglasses: A Buyer’s Guide

Bluetooth connectivity seems to be everywhere nowadays.  Fast, affordable and easy to set up, it has become the wireless connectivity standard for millions of modern devices.  It’s easy to connect most smartphones, tablets and TVs to hi-fis, speakers and more.  But did you know that you can even connect your devices to your sunglasses?  It may sound bizarre, but Bluetooth sunglasses are quickly emerging as niche tech heading into the mainstream.

But what exactly are Bluetooth sunglasses?  As the name suggests, they are pairs of sunglasses with wireless technology built-in.  This means that you can listen to your music while out in the sunshine.  Some models may even have video recording and SD card functionality built-in.  However, if you remember Google Glass from a few years ago, this technology has taken some time to perfect.  Thanks to Bluetooth, however, it’s more and more commonplace to see people out and about wearing sunglasses they can also hear audio through.  It’s strange but true!

Therefore, if you’re new to the technology, you may well have plenty of questions you would like to ask.  In this buying guide, we will introduce you to the tech, and will also help you look at what you need to compare while shopping around.  What is it that makes the best pair of Bluetooth sunglasses such good value for money?  What is going to separate the most expensive systems from the cheaper options?

At the end of the guide, we will also take you through some commonly asked questions, which will hopefully help clear up more concerns for you.

Why Buy Bluetooth Sunglasses?

If the idea of Bluetooth sunglasses sounds a little niche to you, that’s because – to an extent – they are.  However, the best part about buying this wearable tech is that it cuts down on you having to wear or muddle around with different types or pieces of technology.  Instead of having to fumble around with separate sunglasses and headphones, you can simply put a basic pair on, and you can listen to music while enjoying the sunshine.

Many people who enjoy running and jogging will likely appreciate having less technology to wear on their heads and faces.  A pair of Bluetooth sunglasses allows you to protect your eyes while listening to music.  Thanks to Bluetooth’s seemingly endless capability with modern tech, it also means that you can connect up whatever you like, whenever you like.  It shouldn’t take you long for your sunglasses to pick up on your phone, and vice versa.

Bluetooth sunglasses are another great example of wearable tech, and where we may be heading in future.  As mentioned, Google Glass flopped a few years ago.  That, according to some experts, is simply because the technology was not yet refined enough.  There are rumours we may still be heading towards all-singing, all-dancing sunglasses in future.  Certainly, if Bluetooth sunglasses start catching on in a big way, we will all be wearing entertainment devices on our eyes in future.  If it all sounds a little bit Star Trek, don’t worry – technology has a habit of creeping up and getting comfortable!  This means you won’t wake up one day finding your existing tech has gone obsolete overnight!

Things You Should Look For

If you’re thinking about buying Bluetooth sunglasses, then it’s likely you’re probably in it for the convenience.  Or, you might just be a gadget fan, in it for the spectacular tech.  However, there are still a few things you will need to compare if you want to get the best value for money.  Here are some of the main features we think most Bluetooth sunglasses differentiate between.

Type of Listening

Generally, Bluetooth sunglasses split into two different listening standards.  Most of them will offer earbuds gently attached to the main frames.  Naturally, you can pop these mini speakers in your ears and enjoy your music.  This may well appeal to some people who are used to listening to music in this way.

However, bone conduction sunglasses may offer you a more flexible choice.  We’ve recently published a guide on bone conduction headphones, and it’s technology which is well worth considering if you’re on the go a lot.  Bone conduction works by playing audio through your skull, rather than your ears!  For many people, this will offer a lot more flexibility.  It means, for example, if you are running or jogging in a crowded place, your ears still have access to noises from the world around you.  It might be a safe option to take.


By protection, we’ll refer to the overall unit first, not just the sunglasses.  If you’re going to wear Bluetooth sunglasses a lot out in the open, it makes sense to find a pair which have a certain level of proofing and protection.  You should look for sunglasses which have a reliable IP rating, for example, if you are likely to head towards a lot of water or sand.  

An IP rating will tell you how resistant your tech is against anything that would normally break it.  If you’re going to wear your sunglasses on the beach or by the pool, for example, it makes sense to make sure your tech is at least splash-proof.  

UV Protection

So, let’s move onto the sunglasses themselves.  It’s tempting to just focus on the Bluetooth side of things, but if your sunglasses are going to be worth the money, they should protect your eyes.  Look for sunglasses with UV protection, of course, which will prevent you from damaging your eyes looking into the sun.  UV protection standards will, of course, vary.  Therefore, be sure to compare while you shop online.

Polarisation Technology

You should also think about investing in sunglasses with polarised lenses.  These, working alongside UV protection, will help to reduce the amount of glare you receive while wearing your specs.  Ultimately, you should make sure your sunglasses do more than just offer fancy tech that you can listen to music through.  Be sure to invest in glasses which are actually going to protect you in the sun.

Battery Life

Of course, all Bluetooth technology is going to need a power source.  As you are going to wear this technology on your face and on the go, it makes sense that you should invest in tech which has plenty of juice.  If you don’t, you’re going to need to stop every five minutes to plug in and power up.

Therefore, be ready to compare devices based on battery.  How long are you going to need the tech to run for each session?  Look for an option which is likely to make the most financial sense to you.

Shortcut Functions

The best Bluetooth sunglasses out there will have buttons and functions that you can access via the frames themselves.  This means that you can stop, play, skip and shuffle tracks all from your sunglasses.  It makes sense to buy frames which will support ease of use.  Otherwise, you’re still having to fumble around with multiple pieces of tech.  Opt for a pair which makes things easier on you, and which offer more than just a gimmick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry – we won’t be too surprised if Bluetooth sunglasses are completely new to you!  At the time of writing, it is technology which is still emerging.  Therefore, we’ve rounded up a few commonly asked queries to help guide you on your way.

Is It Worth Buying Bluetooth Sunglasses?

That all depends on what you are likely to use them for.  Are you regularly going out and about in the sunshine?  Is it a nuisance to have to pair sunglasses and headphones at the same time?  Bluetooth sunglasses could help to take strain off your head and could also help to make things safer for you on the move.  It means you have enhanced alertness, at the very least!

Are All Bluetooth Sunglasses Waterproof?

Given that they are likely to be used on the beach or at poolside, you’ll find that many Bluetooth sunglasses are waterproof to an extent.  However, it is, unfortunately, not a given.  This means that you should still be carefully comparing this standard, and IP ratings, while you are shopping around for the best models.  We strongly suggest you look for glasses which are at least IPX8 if you are going to be near a lot of water.

How Much Do Bluetooth Sunglasses Cost?

You can actually buy some Bluetooth sunglasses as cheaply as £30.  However, the most efficient and reliable models are likely to cost closer to £100.  If this is technology you are likely to use a lot, and to depend on, then it makes sense investing a little more money in the bargain.


Bluetooth sunglasses may sound niche; however, you could well benefit from them from day to day.  Take a look at our top picks, read what buyers have to say, and make sure to carefully compare and contrast.  Don’t throw all your money into the cheapest pair – be a discerning buyer!

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