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Just Updated: August 2022

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Bluetooth Speakers – A Buyer’s Guide

Let’s face it – the days of hooking up speakers to our hi-fi systems seem to be behind us. The world really has moved on in terms of wireless technology and amazing entertainment convenience! Bluetooth speakers let us connect a wide range of devices without the need for cumbersome, tangling cables.

It means that we can carry speakers around and play music and audio wherever we like. Whether you’re streaming from a smartphone, a tablet or a TV, Bluetooth is really changing the game. Why mess around with wires?

However, knowing what to look for in the perfect Bluetooth speaker can be a little tricky. Surely, they all do the same thing? Not always. If you’re already shopping around for speakers, you will likely notice that there is a wide difference in terms of price and functionality.

Therefore, understanding what is best for your everyday audio needs can be difficult. That’s why we’ve set up this buying guide for you – to help you cut through the huge array of choices, and to find the perfect speaker solution for your home or travel entertainment.

Take a look through our guide before you dare spend any money! Also, stick around for the end of our guide, where we will break down a few frequently asked questions to help narrow down your choice.

Why Choose Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is something that may still seem alien to a lot of people. However, it is technology which really does make life easier, especially if you play music or watch TV and films a lot. Bluetooth allows your phone, tablet, TV, PC, Mac and other hi-fi devices connect to wireless speakers for ease of playback and portability.

It’s a great way to manage your music on the move. What’s more, it means you can put your speaker anywhere you like in a room, and you can set your playlists or video playing from anywhere else in the house.

Bluetooth has come a long way in terms of capability and range. What’s more, it is more commonly available than ever. Most modern smartphones and tablets have Bluetooth built-in, which means you only have to tap a few screens to connect up. Many home assistants such as the Amazon Echo range also work via Bluetooth, which means you can use them as standalone speakers if you wish.

Many people choose Bluetooth speakers for the portability. This means that they can easily take their music with them on holiday and play their favourite tunes without having to strain to listen to phone speakers. Many Bluetooth speakers are therefore designed with transport in mind. It’s one of many things you may want to look for in your ideal speaker!

We think you should choose Bluetooth if you are likely to move your entertainment around a lot. It is also a fantastic idea to upgrade if you find yourself tangling with wires and cables unnecessarily. Why cause yourself more grief? Bluetooth devices are more affordable now than ever before.

What to Look For

It’s tempting to just go out and buy the first speaker than supports Bluetooth. However, while wireless connectivity is one thing, there are plenty of other factors which will impact the choice you make.

After all, how can you tell that you are getting the best speaker for your money? Do you have any specific needs when it comes to entertainment? Let’s break things down in a bit more detail so you know what you’re looking for.


If you are going to be moving your speakers around a lot, you will need to find a system with a robust design. This means it needs to be solid and durable, likely to survive various knocks and drops.

If you’re particularly clumsy, it’s a good idea to check what verified users and buyers have to say before you put any money forward. You don’t want to end up sinking money into a device which looks good, only for it to be as robust as paper when you drop it.

Waterproofing, too, falls into this category. Many people choose waterproof Bluetooth speakers so that they can use them in the bath, the shower, or by the pool. These devices can also work well at the beach, meaning that you never have to worry about water or sand getting the way and clogging things up. Some speakers are very sensitive to water and foreign bodies, so always make sure yours is a speaker that will survive the elements.


Some Bluetooth speakers will still need to be plugged into mains electricity. This won’t be a problem for home users, because devices for home can plug in and look the part alongside your furniture and décor.

However, for people who solely want to take their speakers out and about, you’re going to need to look for a device that runs on portable power.

Many Bluetooth speakers can charge up or will run on separate batteries. It’s worth checking this out if you are going to travel a lot with your speakers.

Audio Quality

Audio quality can sometimes be hard to measure unless you really know what you’re looking for. Most Bluetooth speakers, in their marketing, will tell you that they offer superior audio.

However, in many cases, there is simply no way to tell until you actually start using it. If you can’t try before you before, read some reviews and buyer opinions, and go with leading brands and manufacturers.

These will generally offer you the best quality builds and sound design, meaning that you won’t just get a flashy device that plays sub-par, tinny music.

Look and Style

Just take a look at some of the Bluetooth speakers available for you to buy. Some of them are sleek and magnificent, while others are colourful, chunky and fun. Some look the part when installed at home, while others are clearly perfect for travel and use outside of your property.

Be careful when you look for the right style of Bluetooth speaker. Looks aren’t everything but consider what’s going to blend in well with your décor. Do also make sure to pick a device that offers more than just looks. Some speakers look great, but pale in comparison to more technically proficient systems.


Some Bluetooth speakers will even let you connect multiple devices at once. You can, in some cases, also connect several speakers to the same device. This is a good idea if you want to create surround sound or a soundscape of sorts.

However, this type of connectivity can command higher pricing, so make sure to double-check what’s in your budget before you go looking for anything too advanced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you new to Bluetooth as a concept? Wondering what the fuss is all about? Don’t worry. Here’s our breakdown of some of the more common queries people ask when it comes to shopping for speakers.

Can Bluetooth Speakers Work with Any Device?

No – not always. Before you buy a speaker, you must make sure that your device supports Bluetooth. If you have a current generation smartphone or tablet, or even a laptop PC, it’s likely you will be fine. However, some devices still don’t have the functionality built in, which might mean you need to buy an adaptor.

How Much Do Bluetooth Speakers Cost?

There is a wide market for this. The more you pay, the better quality audio you might receive – or the more stylish the look might be. It really can vary. Make sure to take a close look at the variables across the market. You can pay as little as £15-£20 for a Bluetooth speaker, but it may not be the most durable or the most versatile.

Can I Buy a Home Assistant with Bluetooth Attached?

Yes. Many home assistant devices double as Bluetooth speakers. This means you can ask devices such as an Amazon Echo to play music from your streaming library, or to stream audio from a TV show or movie you are watching. Not all Bluetooth speakers have home assistants built in, but it might be a perk worth looking for.

Can I Use Bluetooth Speakers Anywhere in the Home?

Most Bluetooth speakers, at least those which are built well, will let you stream and control music from one room so that it can play in another. However, do make sure to check the range and scope on your speaker before you buy.

Most portable speakers should be fairly flexible in terms of range, too. However, just don’t expect to be able to play music from miles around. The technology hasn’t quite got there yet!

What’s Wrong with Cables?

Nothing! However, the world is growing ever more wireless. Surely, it’s more convenient to set up your devices wirelessly than to fumble around with wires? Your taste and needs may vary, of course.


Bluetooth speakers are changing the world of flexible, portable audio. Take a look at the wider market, and where you can, try before you buy! Otherwise, trust what buyers have to say!