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Bluetooth Microphones: A Buyer’s Guide

It’s safe to say that technology has come a long way in a short space of time.  Now, it’s likely you will find plenty of tech that works through Bluetooth connectivity.  Some people still prefer to connect their headphones and microphones through cables and wires, however, going wireless does generally make things a little more flexible.  At home and away, people are buying into Bluetooth microphones for a variety of reasons.

However, it’s not always easy to know what to look for in the best Bluetooth microphone.  Is Bluetooth necessarily going to be the best wireless standard for what you need to use it for?  Would you benefit from more complex systems and engineering?  Ultimately, the tech you buy is going to rely on how you are going to use it.  There is certainly little point in paying out money for a system which is flashy on the outside, but which is unlikely to support you in the long run.  

Bluetooth is a quick and easy way standard for connecting devices together.  It’s often the most user-friendly way to go wireless, too.  However, there are plenty of professional and advanced applications where this level of connectivity could benefit you, too.

In this buying guide, we will look at a variety of Bluetooth microphone features and options which could sway your purchase.  Don’t go anywhere or buy any Bluetooth mics until you read through our guide and consider our frequently asked questions, too!

Why Buy a Bluetooth Microphone?

There are many ways through which a Bluetooth microphone might come in handy.  You might find that many Bluetooth mics are built for karaoke and party use.  This is no coincidence.  When hosting a party or setting up karaoke, you are going to want to offer people the quickest access to projecting their voice.  Bluetooth is easy to pair and is generally steadfast.  While some people may prefer NFC systems or similar, it’s hard to argue against Bluetooth being the best option for the casual market.

However, there are plenty of occasions where Bluetooth is likely to be a quick and easy option for professionals.  For example, if you need to give a talk to a large group of people, a Bluetooth mic is likely to give you plenty of connectivity and stability.  Certainly, unless you are setting up an audio rig for a stage or soundscape where talks are likely to take place regularly, Bluetooth tech is likely to be hugely beneficial.  A Bluetooth mic is also going to support you well if you only use microphones occasionally.

People may shy away from Bluetooth in favour of more advanced engineering options.  It’s safe to say that it’s technology which will appeal to a more casual adopter.  However, this is no bad thing.  Bluetooth is very easy to use, and what’s more, it is very common in most modern technology.  The vast majority of modern smartphones and tablets, for example, will use Bluetooth as standard.  You can connect microphones and speakers to a variety of players and media units without fear of having to fumble around with clumsy cabling.

Bluetooth is also pretty steadfast and reliable.  It is always updating, which means that you should look for microphones which use the latest iteration of the technology.  Pairing Bluetooth microphones is easy and will normally only require a few seconds and a few taps on compatible devices.

Things to Look for in a Bluetooth Microphone

Of course, there are always going to be things you should look for in the perfect Bluetooth microphone.  For example, you should look beyond the basic technology, and consider your long-term needs.  Is Bluetooth likely to support you for future usage with different systems and services?  It’s likely Bluetooth is one of the most adaptable and future-ready connection standards on the planet.  However, your own needs and tastes may vary.

Here are a few things you should look out for when it comes to Bluetooth microphones.

Durability and Manufacture

One thing that will really set some Bluetooth mics apart from the pack is, of course, the manufacturing.  Bluetooth technology is very easy to implement.  Therefore, you may run the risk of buying into cheap builds and manufacturing without realising.  Even a quick look online might tell you that there are mics you can buy for less than £30, but which are from brands you may not recognise.

We are not suggesting that you should always invest in brands you know!  There’s every chance you will find great bargains online.  A good place to start will be with our list of the best picks.  However, do be aware that the more you pay, and the more reliable the brand is, the more likely it will be that you get a microphone that’s going to stay with you for years to come.  It’s hard to tell how robust and durable a mic is at the point of online sale, so make sure to read up on what verified buyers have to say, and if you can, try before you buy.


As you can imagine, a wireless microphone of any kind is likely to eat up battery power.  That’s why it is important to look for a system which offers plenty of juice for minimal charge.  You may find that some of the cheaper options out there do actually offer long life in terms of battery.  However, this may be at the expense of build quality or sound performance and engineering.

Therefore, take this side of things with a pinch of salt.  Make sure to strike a balance.  If a fairly affordable microphone offers a long battery life, that’s great – but look into durability and overall performance, too.

Sound Quality and Engineering

Of course, you should look for a microphone with quality audio output.  Otherwise, your audience is going to have no chance of hearing you.  You should look for frequency response – the higher the number, the more effective it is going to be to play to a wider crowd.

Do also check the EQ features on your microphone.  Can you easily control bass and treble?  What’s the range like?  Can you expect a lot of noise or feedback?  Once again, this is something verified buyers are likely to be able to help with.  Or, you could take a look at a video review or two to actively listen to how it performs.

Protection and Other Features

What you may find when you shop around is the fact that some Bluetooth microphones will have enhanced features and functions.  Karaoke microphones, for example, are often great for using without speakers, as they have internal amplification.  You may find that there are also party mics out there which have effects and features to change the way you sound.  Naturally, this is unlikely to make much of a difference if you want to use a microphone for professional purposes!  However, it’s worth keeping in mind if you are looking for something that is a lot of fun to bring out for karaoke and parties.

You should also look into proofing and protection.  Many Bluetooth microphones now benefit from waterproofing at least, which means that you should look for IP ratings.  An IP score or rating will tell you how far a microphone can stand water, and what’s more, it will also tell you how much dust dispersal it can withstand.  This is something you should really look for if you’re likely to use your microphone outside a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are likely to be plenty of questions you will want to ask if you are considering buying a Bluetooth microphone.  Therefore, we’ve lined up some common queries for you to peruse before you buy!

Is Bluetooth the Best Option for Wireless Connectivity in Microphones?

For many people, Bluetooth is a wireless connectivity standard which is easy to adapt to, and which offers plenty of options.  There are many speakers and devices which use Bluetooth as standard, meaning if you buy a microphone which uses the technology, you will likely have a lot of choice.  However, some buyers believe that other forms of wireless tech, and even cabled tech, offer better performance.

How Much Do Bluetooth Microphones Cost?

The price of Bluetooth microphones will vary depending on what you would like to use them for.  For example, you may find that there are cheap microphones for karaoke, personal and party use which retail for less than £20.  For the best sound engineering and for professional use, however, you should consider paying more than £50.

Can I Connect a Bluetooth Microphone to Anything?

While Bluetooth tech is very widespread, not all devices will link up through the standard.  Therefore, rather than assuming this is the case, make sure to look for systems and to check for Bluetooth tech before you buy a microphone.


Bluetooth remains an affordable, reliable and user-friendly wireless connection solution.  Bluetooth microphones will vary in terms of cost, build and more besides.  Therefore, be sure to look closely at what is out there, and to read up on what verified shoppers have to say.

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